Of bravery!


Of bravery!

you're a big deal, super star, hot pants

We want you to know it. *throws streamers*

Give yourself a big ‘ol pat on the back! You’ve already done something amazing in even considering the idea of having your photos taken in such an intimate way. (Go ahead! Get down with your bad self! We’ll help.) When it comes to taking stunning shots of you in your skivvies, no one does it better than the all lady team here at Three Boudoir.

We love being a part of an experience we know will rock your world.

Trust us Hot Stuff, the Three Boudoir experience is so much more than a photoshoot.

Boudoir Photos


Reach out to us and we get the ball rolling to find the perfect shoot time or package for you. Are you getting married? Looking for maternity boudoir? Celebrating a specific event? Let us know! We will work out the best package for you.

We make sure you have directions to our studio and our Down & Dirty guide with all the tips and tricks you need to plan for your super fun shoot. Need to know what type of outfits to bring? Our Down & Dirty guide has got you covered.

During your boudoir shoot at Three Boudoir


You will arrive at our studio right on time for your shoot with your outfits.

You might feel a little nervous and shaky! We can’t tell you not to be nervous, you most likely will be, and that is absolutely ok. We are 100% here for you and rooting for you to have a great experience. We will gently remind you to breathe through those nerves, to concentrate on how you want to feel, not how you want to look and remind you how big those bravery muscles of yours are. There is going to be a ton of direction from us during your shoot. Most women find that a few minutes into their shoot those nerves are completely gone and we are just girlfriends hanging out!

We have 2 lovely ladies at your shoot, a photographer and a shoot director. They will work together posing you, adjusting lighting and rearranging studio items to ensure you have the most amazing shoot. A big concern for most clients is posing and the fear of not knowing what to do with their face. If you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, DON’T WORRY, no one does when they first come to us. You don’t have to know a single pose! We will pose you right down to your fingertips. You’ll learn some amazing tricks that you will get to apply any time someone whips out a camera in front of you. No more untagging photos on social media.

After your boudoir shoot at Three Boudoir


The day of your shoot we will send you your online gallery of images from your amazing shoot. This is where you will select your images for any products that you order.

All of our packages include a couple of edited digital images! Yahoo! These will be in your online gallery for you to download and keep.

You will probably want to tell the entire world about your shoot. It’s ok, tell the postman, the grocery store checkout, your Mom. You’re going to feel incredible for pushing through your fears and doing a boudoir shoot. We are going to make sure you have the most empowering experience while you’re with us. You will be surprised to see it carry through to all areas of your life, in ways you never imagined. You just might write that book you’ve always wanted to write, or at the very least, do it with the lights on a little more often. You might find yourself doing a lot more–wearing a lot less. We see it time and time again and that “self love” it is the most rewarding part of what we do.

Boudoir Shoot example


Find your perfect style/theme below or bring your own ideas. Bonus points: Mix and match you little vixen you.

P.s. You’re perfect before. You’re perfect after. You're perfect right now.

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