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We admit it: we love our shoot spaces.  We love mixing them up to keep things fresh and new.  We have several in each city that we bounce between each month, and we don't always use traditional photography studios.  In fact, we prefer beautifully finished homes, to keep things warm and comforting.  We do everything short of having a pot of chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove to ensure our ladies are comfortable from the first minute they walk through our door.  Working outside of a traditional studio space definitely helps.

There are a few things we look for when scoping out a new shoot space.  Is it bright and loaded with natural light?  Does it have clean finishes or are those things we can easily add?  We rarely see an entire room in a photograph, so does the room have the right details to make an interesting but not distracting backdrop?  How versatile is the space?  Can we easily create soft and romantic shots and then quickly jump to something a little edgier by just changing out a few things or walking into another room?

This month we are highlighting our new main shoot space in Washington, DC.  We love it because it comes through so bright and clean in images. The way the light bounces around the room and reflects off you makes your skin look radiant.  We are able to include just the right details in the room, like our mirrored dresser and tufted headboard, to beautifully accent your images.

We have recently started shooting in this glamorous space and hope to update the gallery below very soon with more client images as they give us permission. Come see us in this gorgeous space!



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