Three Boudoir Holiday Video

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Real Talk: We wanted a new video.

Real Real Talk: We are in the busiest time of year with holiday gift giving and designing albums, making prints, helping ladies *ahem* stuff stockings 👀  and keep Cupid on his toes. 😍

One of our photographer & shoot stylist teams decided to jumped in front of the camera & make this video. They are posing and doing all of the things they show you how to do at your shoot. They create a fun, warm and safe space to create the moments that help you feel JUST-LIKE-THIS.

Yes, it is an amazing gift to give to someone else but it is so much more a gift for yourself. If you've done a boudoir shoot you know, yeah? Want to embrace the bold, brave, confident, empowered, and sexy goddess that you are? Let our shoot stylist guide you through working your curves & angles. Let our photographer capture you at the exact right moment. Feel like they do in this video at your shoot and for loooong after. 



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