Hair & Makeup

Pre shoot glam

We haven't met an artist we don't adore with any of the reputable locations mentioned below.

Do you have to have hair & makeup done? Heck no! You are perfect, exactly as you are. Want a little extra pampering ahead of your shoot? Or a potential confidence boost? Personally, all of us at Three Boudoir love being treated and glammed by professional artist. They play up your features and can help you see yourself in a differently. It might just be the boost you want heading into your shoot.

Your hair is going to potentially be tossed around, laid on, having your hands in it, etc. We suggest styling your hair as you would for a night out with your friends, or visiting a blow dry bar to have some extra volume pumped into your hair. Whatever style you decide will be the perfect one.

Pro Tip: If you have an early morning shoot with us, we suggest an in home hair & makeup provider since opening hours of makeup counters might conflict with your shoot time.

Makeup Providers:

Hair Salons:

In Home Services:

At this time, it is increasingly difficult to list specific makeup/hair artist that are open & taking appointments in each of our locations. We have general providers above whose work we always admire. If you are looking for a specific artist we suggest asking your friends or social media network for suggestions.

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