Boudoir Photography in San Diego

When I think of San Diego, I think of beautiful beaches, tan lines, music concerts, and…. Boudoir. 😉

San Diego has the perfect collection of makeup artists, lingerie boutiques, trendy hair salons, and incredible people to make boudoir as fun, empowering, and special as ever.

To help prepare for your boudoir photoshoot in San Diego, check out Raven & Sage Collective in North Park for that dreamy hair style you have been eyeing on Pinterest. Some other options are Bespoke Hair and Omnia Salon.

What about makeup, you ask? I’ve got you covered! For San Diego makeup stylist take a peek at Lipstick & Luster, Hair & Makeup By Hana, and Makeup by Shelby.

Okay, okay… but my outfits! I don’t want to order something online – where can I try on lingerie in San Diego before my photoshoot? Head over to Honey Birdette, Rumeur Lingerie, or SOMA to check out lingerie options in person.

If these options above don’t shake out, don’t worry. We are in this together and would love to support you! Send us an email here with any questions, additional recommendations, or just to say hi!

Boudoir Photography Studios in San Diego

We admit it: we love our shoot spaces. We love mixing them up to keep things fresh and new.

We have several studios in San Diego that we bounce between each month, and we don't always use traditional photography studios. In fact, we prefer beautifully finished homes to keep things warm, inviting, and comforting.

There are a few things we look for when scoping out a shoot space. Is it bright and loaded with natural light? Does it have clean finishes or are those things we can easily add? We rarely see an entire room in a photograph, so does the room have the right details to make an interesting but not distracting backdrop? How versatile is the space? Can we easily create soft and romantic shots and then quickly jump to something a little edgier by just changing out a few things or walking into another room?

You can trust that we will find you the freshest, most beautiful space for your shoot!

Impressions from our Boudoir Shoots in San Diego

Boudoir Photos
Boudoir Photos
Boudoir Photos
Boudoir Photos

“The ladies made me feel so comfortable. They ease you into every position and every pose. I got over my nerves rather quickly with them hyping me up.”

“I would say that I had a great experience getting to fulfill my intention of exploring my sexuality and giving myself permission to do so! I'd say that I'm SO GRATEFUL for the super communicative emails beforehand and to the shooter and stylist who were so supportive!”

“I purchased the photo shoot for my birthday in October of 2022, it was a time in my life where I finally accepted my body for what it is. I used to be so insecure of my body, always feeling fat and not good enough. So when I purchased the photo shoot – I did it to celebrate myself and my journey. It only took me a while to book because of my fears and anxiety. I've seen pictures online, had many people encourage me to just do it and I'm so glad I did.”

“First of all, the team is amazing. I was able to show myself that I have never seen in a very long time. It’s such an amazing experience seeing myself go out of my comfort zone.”

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