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Boudoir Photos
Because life’s too short not to do the photoshoot.




You’re perfect right now, exactly as you are.

Yes, even if you haven’t gotten that haircut. Yes, even if you haven’t found the perfect pair of jeans. And yes — even if you don’t feel like enough yet.

You’re enough. You’re the most enough.
& you always have been.

When you step in front of our lenses, it’s not about looking “sexy”.
It’s about looking like yourself, which is the sexiest thing in existence.

There aren’t expectations or pressure in our studio. Instead, we’re completely centered on community, camaraderie, and catching your laugh the second your eyes light up.

(And goooosh, what a sight that is.)

Let's play with what makes
you feel powerful.

EMPOWERING BOUDOIR PHOTOSHOOT | $475 marked down to $99

What's Included:


$475 $99 for a limited time

  • Money back guarantee – If you don't love 2 images after your shoot we'll refund this package
  • 1 hour session focused entirely on you
  • Schedule now or up 8 months later
  • Stunning studio space
  • Photographer/Shoot Director to pose, celebrate, and support you
  • 2 edited digital images to keep forever
  • Purchase from 60+ images in an online viewing gallery + spoil yourself after your shoot
  • Bring 3 outfits that you feel the very best in
  • Down & Dirty Guide, with all the details to prepare for your shoot.

(Limit 1 per person – Except purchases made as gifts)


2 edited images are included. We know you'll love your images and want even more! But, in the off chance you can't find 2 images you love, no problem! We'll refund your photoshoot package.


Photoshoot experience in any of our gorgeous studios, focused completely on you.


Time for 3 outfits, that you bring with you + feel the very best in.

Prep Guide

VIP access to our Down & Dirty Guide, which gives you a rundown of everything to expect during your shoot and how to best prepare.


8 months to book your photoshoot.


Direction & pointers on ways to pose, plus live support that looks like fixing twisted straps, moving your hair just so, and cheering you on.


2 professionally-edited digital images of you in your element that you’ll remember for years & years.


An online viewing gallery of 60+ images to purchase and spoil yourself with after your shoot.


That magnetic buzz that comes with knowing how perfect and whole you are, exactly as you are, in this moment.



Boudoir doesn’t only mean ripped bodices
& Fabio on a paperback romance cover.

(Fabio is still a thing, right?)

Instead, it can be slouchy sweaters that slip off one shoulder. Comfy boyshorts. Fuzzy socks. And the kind of unrelenting confidence that only comes from seeing yourself as the world sees you:

Beautifully independent & stunningly whole.


We're your new best friends.

(Joanna, Amber, Meagan, Maura, Olivia, Laura, Arielle, Kat, Julia…)

And we spend our lives helping women
remember their fire, glow & growth.

When it comes to taking stunning shots in your unmentionables, no one does it better than the girl gang here at Three Boudoir.

No creepy dudes with disposable cameras over here. We’re the folks ready to help you conquer your nerves, walk away with buckets of confidence, and cross Skivvy Pics off your bucket list.

We know that empowering women is the coolest job on the planet, and we can’t wait to watch you step into your own.

A handy hint from our backroom:

Photoshoots are scary! We know they’re scary. But you don’t need to be a fancy, polished model to make some stunning photographic art.

And just as a friendly kick in the tuckus:

You can do it scared.

(We’re betting you’ll be so glad you did.)
Boudoir Photos

“It's not just something I did as a gift for my husband, but I did for myself, to encourage the idea of self love and celebrate who I am AS I am..”

I had the best experience. I was so nervous walking in but it ended up being so fun and empowering! It's an all female owned and run company. They create stunning, classy and timeless images.

It's not just something I did as a gift for my husband, but I did for myself, to encourage the idea of self love and celebrate who I am AS I am.

There's not only a photographer but a stylist who has modeling experience. They helped me with all those little unknowns of where to tilt my chin and look and place my hands.

I was able to rock out to my own playlist which helped all my jitters. And with 3 outfit changes I got to embrace all sides of my personality – cozy casual, super sexy, and classic with the white sheet.

I'd 100% recommend this experience, even if you don't have anyone to share the images with, because more than anything it was an amazing experience just for me AND I already can't wait to do it again!

– Beth

You might have a few questions...

‣ 1 hour photography experience at any of our studios, focused completely on you.

‣ Photographer & Shoot Director

‣ Beautiful studio space for your shoot

‣ 3 outfits that you bring with you that you feel the very best in.

‣ Down + Dirty Guide to best prepare

‣ 8 months to book your photoshoot.

‣ Direction & pointers on ways to pose, plus live support that looks like fixing twisted straps, moving your hair just so, and cheering you on.

‣ 2 professionally-edited digital images of you in your element that you’ll remember for years & years.

‣ An online gallery of 60+ images you can pick from & purchase after your shoot.

‣ That magnetic buzz that comes with knowing how vibrant you already are.

2. Do you work with couples, groups, or men?

We are a small, all female company, that works with female identifying or womxn only.  We do not work with couples, men, male identifying individuals or more than 1 client at a time.

Booking a group?

You are welcome to schedule back to back shoots with your friends, however all shoots are solo shoots & experiences.

In order to ensure we are able to focus on celebrating and supporting you, and getting images you adore, we ask that your friends do not attend your shoot. They are welcome to walk you to the door, see the studio, meet your photographer, and give you a high five for conquering boudoir.

For those with a disability that need additional support, please let us know.


Oooh, great question!

We do not offer hair + makeup in any of our studios.

Do you have to have hair & makeup professionally done? Heck no! You are perfect, exactly as you are. You might want a lil' extra pampering as you head into your shoot, in which case a professional makeup artist is the way to go.

Your hair is potentially going to be tossed around, laid on, having your hands in it, etc. We suggest styling your hair as you would for a night out with your friends. Wear it in a style that you feel confident and best in.Natural curls, styled waves, braids, pumped up volume, etc – whatever style you decide will be the perfect one. Your current hair stylist may be a wonderful resource to discuss your boudoir style with.


We deliver an online gallery of your images to view the day of your shoot. Your gallery is going to be chock full of incredible images from our hour together, along with 2 professionally-edited pics that come with this package. Want exact pricing for extra photos? Head to our contact form at the bottom of the page and pop us an email!


The 2 images that come with this package are delivered the same day as your shoot. (We don’t want to make you wait, obviously.) If you decide you want to spoil yourself with more images, delivery times vary from 4-6 weeks. We also offer rush processing, but we can talk about those details later.


We shoot in 25+ cities across the country.

Annapolis, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, DC, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, NYC, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Savannah, Seattle, Tampa


Purchase from this page and we’ll slingshot our booking calendars right into your inbox. You can schedule any time from today until 8 months from now. Yes, 8 months, plenty of time! We permit refunds of this package within 14 days of purchase. Read more here: the fine print.


Friend of the Year Award Alert!  Purchase using your name and email. When you get your receipt please pop us a reply and let us know that you'd like to gift the package to a friend. We'll need her name, email and phone # as well as if it is a surprise or not. We'll take it from there.


Easy peasy. Just head down to the bottom of this page and slip a love note into our locker via the contact form. This sends your question to our office team and they will reply with all the answers ya need!

“I hope that all women take away the same thing I did from my Three Boudoir photoshoot. When I saw my pictures I literally said out loud “Is that me!?” My photographer and shoot director were the best. I was immediately comfortable working with them. I felt as though I was hanging with my best friends. I can not believe the incredible images that came out of this shoot. Thank you Three Boudoir for providing such a safe and supportive environment for me and capturing the best photos I have ever taken in my life.” – Jasmine R.

“The second half of 2019 has been the most difficult journey I have ever walked through. I felt so broken, unwanted & sad. I've followed Three Boudoir for a while, ever since one of my dearest friends had her shoot. I saw their package was on sale and jumped at the opportunity. I am so glad I did. I have always struggled with confidence and feeling beautiful. If anyone paid me a compliment prior to my shoot, I would shrug it off and give 1000 reasons why they were wrong. I walked out of my shoot with my head held high and feeling like I truly am beautiful for the first time in my life. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this experience,  my stylist and photographer and Three Boudoir as a whole. Thank you for empowering me and other women to love ourselves and embrace who we are, no matter where we're at in life.” – Heather S.

“I didn’t think I would look good or have photos that I liked, but man!! when I saw the pictures I cried. It was a life changing moment for me and so out of character. I LOVED it. What a transformational moment for me to see myself in that way. Thank you Three Boudoir for everything.” – Maria L.


“Oh my word – JUST DO IT. The hardest part was booking, knowing that I was scheduling something that had me so scared. But once I showed up, it was instant fun.  The second hardest part was narrowing down the images they captured to fit in my album. I thought about buying multiple albums just to hold all the images I loved! I didn't think that in an hour I'd have over 100 images that I loved, but I DID! All you have to do is show up. Let them do their magic!” Page P.


“Loving my body has always been a struggle because of societal pressure and norms. My journey was (and still is sometimes!) a roller coaster of emotions, and the internal argument of “No! You look great. Forget what everyone else thinks!”; was consistently playing in my head. Women should be empowered to love their bodies, embrace everything they are, and support one another. There is no better way to do this than with a Three Boudoir photoshoot.  I learned to be comfortable with being exposed, being vulnerable, and was cheered on the entire time. This photoshoot made me see myself in a different way. When I look at my photos I think “That's me! Wow!” and that is a big change in the way I speak to myself. Thank you Three Boudoir!” – Toni R.


“I’m coming up on my 46th birthday; this is my third year treating myself to a boudoir shoot in order to document my journey of getting older. Each year I feel more at home in my body, and this shoot reminds me that I’m a strong, vibrant woman who is only getting better with age!” – Carrie B.


“I still had a mental image of myself when I was 16, awkward and not comfortable in my own skin, not the woman I've worked hard to become. I wanted to see myself differently and change that mental image. I have absolutely gorgeous pictures now to help with this journey. I had the best shoot team and their words of encouragement still play through my head in moments of doubt” – Jess E.


“This experience gives you opportunity to feel like a rockstar. An empowered, powerful, confident rockstar. A great feeling and gorgeous photos to prove it!” – Jessica T.


The entire team at Three Boudoir was so welcoming and supportive. They made me feel incredible without ever being uncomfortable. I can not believe my photos turned out so amazing. Incredible!” – Wendy W.


I told my bestie that it's an experience she needed to have at least once; that there's nothing to fear; and that the ladies of Three Boudoir would make her feel comfortable & empowered. Now she's shot with Three Boudoir, not once but, twice!” – Rhonda R.


Three Boudoir is so so so so legit! They make you feel comfortable and empower you to embrace your body. In a world where the media tries to make women feel less than beautiful, three Boudoir does a great job of capturing your beauty and encourages you to own it! I loved the experience and I think every woman should do it!” – Joakina S.


DO IT! It's such an empowering experience that allows you to see yourself in a whole new light. Every girl should do at least one Three Boudoir shoot in their lifetime. It doesn't matter your age, size, what you're going through in life, just stop and make the investment for YOU. You won't regret it!” – Haley D.


“What an amazing experience! The shoot a fun and fabulous experience. And I was on an extremely tight time frame, I am getting married 3.5 weeks from my shoot date. Everyone at Three Boudoir was so accommodating to help me make an album and give it to my hubby to be!” – Ashley K.


“I LOVED ALL OF IT. From the music pumping when I walked in, to the light streaming into the gorgeous studio, my photographer and stylist, who felt like we'd be friends forever, the endless support and uplifting talk, and of course the final product! WOW. I can not pick a favorite part of the experience.” -Deidra H.


I was nervous when I first got there because I didn't know what to expect but as soon as we started the shoot they made me feel so comfortable! My fear completely went away!” – Mary S.


I have recommended you to all my besties. I told them that they NEED to book a shoot ASAP.  Not only to have these amazing images to look back on, but to empower themselves and to feel like they can do anything. I truly feel so beautiful . I walked in to this shoot broken and feeling down about myself. I left feeling incredible and I am forever grateful!” – Bethanny P.


I keep thinking about the playful yet professional attitudes and behavior of my shoot team. Three Boudoir has clearly worked very hard to provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and empowering environment for their clients.  I am forever grateful for these cherished photos that I wish I could show to the world.  I hope my friends will one day have the chance to experience this same unparalleled experience.” – Joanne Y.


“Stop thinking this isn't for you, or that you don't have anyone to share them with – do it for yourself and carry that feeling with you long, long after the shoot is done!” – Marisha T.


“Three Boudoir is the perfect place to go when you need that boost of self confidence. Your vulnerabilities are turned into strengths, and you feel beautiful in your own skin. They make you feel strong and powerful in your body, and help you learn to love the things you never thought you could.” – Tanvi P.


“This was an amazing, confidence boosting, and fun experience! Definitely worth doing at least once in your life!” – Courtney D.


“You need to do this for yourself, so you can feel fearless, beautiful, amazing and strong for conquering your nerves! Dive in head first, own it, and learn to be proud of your body just the way it is. Three Boudoir has me ready to jump in a bikini all of 2020!!!! To have my shoot director and photographer collectively being my cheerleaders from start to finish was the most amazing feeling! I want to share that energy with every woman that crossed my path. Yessss! you got this!” Tierra M.


“This is an experience every every every woman, no matter where they are in life, should go through, for even just themselves. I felt so good in my skin seeing even the unedited photos. I will do a Three Boudoir photoshoot every single year now because it helps you want to live a little louder!” – Nikita P.


“You must do this photoshoot. MUST. I feel INCREDIBLE right now and all I am doing is sitting on my couch in sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. I still feeling like a Queen from my shoot and it was 5 days ago.” – Zoey N. 

“I'm a life coach and wanted to walk the walk of what empowering women by empowering myself. I gained some weight over the last year and had been having a series of chronic health flareups that left me feeling less than ideal about my body. Working with Three Boudoir was so helpful in regaining confidence in my body and myself.” – Yasmine F.

You never need to fear the fire.
You are the fire.

For women who want to realize & revel in their strength.

$475 marked down to $99

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