Editor’s note: Our incredible photographer, Carrie-Anne, does selfie Boudoir quite a bit! (cool right???) Read what she has to say about becoming a Boudoir photographer.

“I was first introduced to boudoir in 2012 by a friend of mine. I both photographed my first boudoir session and was photographed for my first boudoir session in the same day. Lot's of firsts! It came at a time that I desperately needed it, unknowingly, as I was beginning the journey of overcoming an eating disorder that I still struggle with to this day. This is something that I am very open with when it comes to boudoir because so many women struggle with it, and I am sort of like, how can I contribute to end all of this BS? When can we live in a world where no woman criticizes themselves? I will never forget that first feeling of being so vulnerable and then seeing myself photographed in such a beautiful way that erased all of those flaws I thought I had. It is also so important to see yourself off the back of someone's camera, un-retouched. We are our own worst critics, but there is nothing like seeing yourself the way someone else sees you. To some it might sound dramatic, but It saved my life.”

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