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albums, calendars and more


albums, calendars and more!

We are already getting ready for your photo shoot! In fact, when you book your photo shoot, you need to do little more than show up and be ready to have some fun and walk away from your experience totally empowered!

We think of every detail and it's all included in your investment.

First, we book a fully styled space for your once in a lifetime shoot. Our studio spaces are like the produce section of the supermarket. i.e. FRESH. You're going to shine in our shoot space.

Included in your photoshoot are your extraordinary photographer and shoot stylist. Our all female team has done over 10,000 shoots and are champions at supporting you and lifting you up. Included is everything from posing help to adjusting your outfits and more as needed. You're going to feel like a million bucks and like you're hanging with your besties.

We do everything in house, so when you meet your photographer and shoot director, you are also meeting your photo editor and product designer. The photos included with your package will be taken care of by our in house team as well as any additional items that you select.

We hear over and over again “I am not sure I will like the photos enough to purchase any. I hate photos of myself…” This is the benefit of having a team of women to direct you start to finish. You are going to have photos that you love. Yes, the photo shoot is AMAZING, but it's really just the beginning!! The vast majority of our clients love the experience and love their photos. You will want to invest in take home products that are edited to your liking – magazine style or natural, bright or moody. We have any number of products at various price points for you to give away as a gift or for you to keep for yourself. Scroll down to see some of our product offerings.


Shoot Time + Images

Length: 2 Hours
Outfits: 5-6
USB, Prints, Mobile App, Album, Calendar
Total Images: 43

Length: 2 Hours
Outfits: 5-6
USB, Prints, Mobile App
Total images: 40

Length: 1 Hour
Outfits: 3
Products Included:
USB, Mobile App, Album, Calendar, Viewfinder
Total images: 15

Length: 1 Hour
Outfits: 3
Products Included:
USB, Prints, Mobile App
Total images: 20

Length: 1 Hour
Outfits: 3
Total images included: 2 edited digital images

Add items a-la-carte from the below products



Beautiful, custom designed, thick card stock paper, and no seam allow for stunning centerfold spreads. Several sizes and cover options available.

Remember those old-timey albums with the yellow sticky glue that hold grainy 4×6 photos to the page? Over time the glue wears away and your images float free, trapped behind the clear plasticy page that looks awfully similar to the old overhead transparencies from high school. We love that so much we've recreated it.

Kidding. Of course.

This isn't your grandma's photo book.

Your album will be custom designed. You will work along side your very own editor & designer to get the professionally printed album of your dreams. High quality cardstock pages lay completely flat and seam-free. Move over Madonna, there is a new centerfold in town.

Want everyone who comes over to be impressed that you are secretly a boudoir model? Order the 10×10 sized album and leave it on the coffee table for guest. Want to tuck it away in a Lover's overnight bag as a fun surprise? The 6×6 size will have them drooling in their hotel room.



All digital images orders delivered as full resolution files in both color and black and white on a beautiful USB.

Own your images as digital files on an elegant USB. Put 'em on a t-shirt or wallpaper the house with 'em. Once you have them as digital files, the options of where you print them are endless.

Order all of your images unedited or as many as you would like edited and delivered in color and black and white. Most people purchase an album and add a USB of their album images so they have both a printed version and a digital version of their favorite images.



All USB orders of 10+ images can also be delivered via a custom mobile app. The app icon is your image.

As many of your images as you would like placed on a mobile web app. Download the web app to your phone or other mobile device. The app icon image is one of your favorite images. Password protected this app is a great way to have your photos any time and any where.



Pricing for prints below. Ask for pricing for mounted wall prints.

The last framed photo of you is your high school senior year portrait and it's hanging on your parents wall, yeah? Let's fix that!

Sizes range from 5×7 to extra large, high-school-classroom-world-map-sized, prints. Perfect for the nightstand or to be hung over the bed. Prints can be ordered as individual prints or ready to wall mount.

Don't want to frame' em or hang 'em? We also offer a gorgeous glass box that holds our photo strips or prints up to size 5×7.



12 individual 5×7 calendar pages

Select 12 of your favorite images from your shoot and we will design a calendar for you.  It's like the annual firefighter calendar but even better, b/c it is you, all year long!

Each month of the year is its own individual, stand alone, page. Perfect to bring out 1 by 1 to continue the surprise all year long. 



7 images on a wheel plus a view finder to view them with

Kick it old school with this boudoirified (<– real word) classic kids toy. Select your favorite images to be placed on your retro view finder wheel. If you decide to throw in our photostrips (see below), a few cans of play-doh and silly putty to complete the theme, we won't blame you. Let us know how you boudoirified them, cool?



A throwback! Orders come with 8 strips that hold 30 images

Throwback everyday with some photobooth-style prints from your boudoir shoot. Printed on thick luster photo paper with a semi-gloss finish, our photo strips make great bookmarks, stocking or suitcase stuffers. They also fit perfectly in our glass box. 



A custom deck of cards to make poker night even better

A cheeky set of playing cards that feature YOU! Choose 1 image to be featured on your deck of 50 cards. Take Go-Fish with the kids to the next level (we're kidding of course), these are to played with adults only! 



When Joanna, Three Boudoir Co founder, submitted to be a Playboy model she did it with her best friends help. They snapped a few polaroids and sent them to the magazine editor. You can send your own polaroids as a gift and make it look as through your bestie took 'em too.

We take 12 of your stunning images and have them professionally printed in the style of  retro polaroids. The wood stand is included.

Getting excited? Us too!

You’re special and your photos should be too. Slip a note in our locker with the form below. We will write you back, cross our hearts.

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