Editors note: This spirited woman will have you embracing all the little things that make you, you. She sure did for us! We've seen a lot of things as props at a boudoir shoot, everything from scuba gear to post it notes, but never kale. When she walked through our doors with a beautiful kale bouquet, we knew we were meeting someone special. Farmer Liz lit up our studio with her joy and energy. We are so happy to share her story with you.


So, I run a farm. An organic vegetable and herb farm full of dirt joy and chicken children and vegetables and herbs, all day, every day. Summers are the time when I feel I am at my peak awesome – I'm completely in my element, I'm working the hardest on the life that I love, and I get to spend my days working with the earth and talking about food. That being said, it's also the time of year when I'm sleeping the least, physically working the hardest, sometimes not eating as many vegetables as I grow, and feeling the least glamorous. I mean, you should have seen the sweet boy at the salon the night before my shoot trying to get the dirt off of my hands and from under my nails. That poor kid.

Years ago, a friend of mine had shown me her pictures from a boudoir shoot, and I was totally smitten. She looked like a rockstar. I think of myself as a strong woman, but I don’t often think of myself as sexy. So when I wandered across Three Boudoir on the Internet, I signed up immediately. I knew this was something that would challenge and empower me at the same time. It wasn’t until my season began this spring that I knew I wanted to book my shoot right in the height of it. This is my sixth year as a farm owner and manager, and it’s the year that has felt the most calm, collected and successful. I wanted to celebrate.

I have a really lovely SO in my life who I thought would also really enjoy these photos, (and he surely does!), but I wanted to do this shoot for me. To remind myself that, even when I'm looking in the mirror and not feeling my best self, that I am still my best, most beautiful self.

I had told a few women about what I would be doing leading up to the shoot, and each and every one was incredibly excited for me. They were supportive and helpful, and they all wanted to see the photos and hear all about the experience as soon as I was finished. I feel very lucky to have these kind of women in my life. And as I don’t even own a hair dryer, let alone any makeup, my beautiful, fashionista sister helped prepare me for my shoot the night before and the morning of, and got me a ride from her apartment. I arrived at my shoot right on time.

My butterflies were brief and completely unwarranted. I had a bit of panic when I looked in the mirror before the shoot and thought, “These women are going to know I’m not cut out for this.” Under the polish I still had dirt under my nails. But I knew that, no matter how the photos came out, I was going to have a fun time, and it would be an excellent story. I had packed a couple of outfits, a really excellent pair of power boots I’d bought for the occasion ( because I’ve ALWAYS wanted a pair of sexy boots, so why not now?), and a bunch of kale I had picked out of my fields to bring along. I knew I wanted at least one shot with my greens, because it would remind me of the timing of the shoot whenever I looked at it, and because it was something I had grown, which made me feel a little braver and a little more at home.

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Not that there was anything to worry about. My shoot team, photographer and shoot stylist, were instantly welcoming, sending my confidence sky-high with their encouraging words as I unpacked my swag for the shoot. They instantly loved the kale. They reminded me that this was my shoot, so if I had an outfit that I wasn’t thrilled about, I didn’t need to wear it. They placed me in poses, guided my movements, and were so, so talented at what they do. We spent a lot of time laughing, and that I hadn’t expected. We were all really enjoying ourselves. It was more fun than I ever could have anticipated.

My jaw dropped when they showed me the photos post-shoot. I. Can’t. Even. I had never known that I could look like that. I felt and looked so sexy. I looked beautiful. And I looked really happy. I walked out of my shoot that day all smiles, dancing on confidence clouds (and, really, I think I’m still up there.) My heart stopped when I saw the first two images the ladies sent over that night. Repeat jaw drop.

I have always been fairly content with my self-image, but I do get antsy time to time about nonsense like my jean size, my broad shoulders, the shape of my nose. It’s ridiculous, truly nonsense, and I know that, but sometimes that noise creeps in. I think this shoot has obliterated a lot of residual self-doubt that’s been hanging around inside me. I want to always remember that I am strong, sexy and incredible. Even in the heart of my growing season, with rainy farm days and hands that never scrub clean, I am just as sexy as I feel on the inside. And I can do what I do and still feel and be and look this way. Always.

I feel so connected to the Three Boudoir experience and mission now. I loved the women I worked with, and the women in 3B I’ve spoken with since. They strive to empower, to strengthen, to show women how amazing they can be, and I can’t get behind a stronger mission than that. I feel like we are cut from the same cloth, trying to build up other women to conquer the world. And I will spend the rest of my days encouraging the women in my life to take the boudoir leap for themselves. They deserve it.

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Boudoir Photos

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