Doing a boudoir photoshoot is a life changing experience.

People walk about inspired and empowered in ways they didn’t know were possible.

It’s also incredibly private and intimate for many people. Okay, maybe a little nerve racking too. 🙂

(Don’t worry, we’ve got you!)

But how much exactly will a life changing experience like this cost?

From all inclusive to alacarte, boudoir session fees can range from $29-$700 and the purchase of photos and products after the session fee can range from $30-$3500.

Why such a wide price range?

Like anything, you have choices when it comes to boudoir.

Do you want a shoot at the location of your choosing? Do you want a session that includes a lot of photos? Do you want to include hair and makeup?

If you know what products you are looking for, Three Boudoir has a number of packages you can get from the start

However, we find many people are hesitant to purchase photos until they actually complete their photoshoot and see how incredible they turned out. (They will be incredible…We have more than 11,000 shoots to prove it!)

That’s why our session fee is more reasonable – We want you to experience the shoot before deciding what photos you want. Experience the shoot and then decide on your photos afterward. 

Do you include hair and makeup?

Our specialty is photography and making you feel your absolute best before, during, and after your shoot! 

What does the $99 photoshoot include if hair and makeup are not included?

We are already getting ready for your photo shoot right now! In fact, when you book your photo shoot, you need to do little more than show up and be ready to have some fun and walk away from your experience totally empowered!

We think of every detail and it's all included in your investment.

We stay focused on what we do best and we leave hair and makeup to our creative hair and makeup pros! With that in mind, we do not offer hair & makeup services in our locations.


First, we book a fully styled space for your once in a lifetime shoot. Our studio spaces are like the produce section of the supermarket. i.e. FRESH. You're going to shine in our shoot space. The shoot space isn’t something you have to book or worry about! We book this and will let you know the location before your shoot day. This is included in the photoshoot Three Boudoir offers.


Included in your photoshoot are your extraordinary photographer and shoot stylist. Our all female team has done over 11,000 shoots and are champions at supporting you and lifting you up. Included is everything from posing help to adjusting your outfits and more as needed. You're going to feel like a million bucks and like you're hanging with your besties.


We do everything in house. The photos included with your package will be taken care of by our team as well as any additional items that you select.

  • The incredible shootspace $250 value
  • Photographer’s talent $300 value
  • Shoot stylist to coach you through your entire photoshoot $300 value
  • 2 edited photos for you to download the same day as your photoshoot $160 value
  • Photos in an online gallery for additional viewing + orders, if you would like to keep your photos for life!

You don’t have to answer that now!

We hear over and over again “I am not sure I will like the photos enough to purchase any. I hate photos of myself…” This is the benefit of having a team of women to direct you start to finish.

You are going to have photos that you love. Yes, the photo shoot is AMAZING, but it's really just the beginning!!

The vast majority of our clients love the experience and love their photos. You will want to invest in take home products that are edited to your liking – magazine style or natural, bright or moody. We have any number of products at various price points for you to give away as a gift or for you to keep for yourself. Follow this link to see some of our products now.

What’s next? ?

Time to book your boudoir photoshoot! We’d love to work with you.

If you have other questions about boudoir pop us a note here!

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