We're glad you're here!

You’re already braver than most. You are considering a boudoir shoot.

Break out the batons (with fire at the ends, d’uh) and the marching band in your honor. Your bravery muscles brought you to us. That means you are (already) completely capable of doing a boudoir shoot. We’re doing jazz hands at our desk at the prospect of meeting you. Join us. Show up for yourself and become a member of our empowerment and self love movement.

We work with women of all ages, shapes, comfort and experience levels.

You focus on how you want to feel: empowered, powerful, sexy, etc. Let us focus on the rest. Imagine how it will feel to walk away from your shoot totally in love with the parts of your body that you don’t give much love to now. We pinky swear that you will find some serious self love and feel totally empowered. Extra bonuses? Never running from a camera again or hide behind others in images or untagged yourself on social media. You’re gonna learn some serious posing tips & tricks and walk away knowing you are perfect, exactly as you are.

Vulnerability encouraged. Judgement shunned. Self-sabotage squashed. Love in abundance.

We're in 17+ cities.
We're big, but not like granny-panties big.

You're gonna get to know us.

We are big in that we are in 17+ cities but we are small in that we do everything in-house. When you meet your photographer and shoot stylist you are also meeting our photo editors and your neighbor. Big high five to local talent! They live in and are local to the city they work in. We become your best friend at your shoot and stay in touch long after, best friends forevah style. Best friends that not only know boudoir inside and out but that your shoot is gonna leave you madly in love with yourself.


Enough about us!

We want to meet you. We know you’re going to rock your shoot. Together we will get you amazing images.

Trust us. We have more than 10,000 shoots under our knickers.

Getting excited? Us too!

You’re special and your photos should be too. Slip a note in our locker with the form below. We will write you back, cross our hearts.

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