1 Reason for a boudoir shoot. Sandy's experience left her partner asking “What Changed?”

1 Reason for a Boudoir Shoot, Why do a Boudoir Shoot, Client ExperienceI found myself aimlessly scrolling and I came across an ad for Three Boudoir. After a few times of coming across the ad I got curious and went to the website to see what all the fuss was about. Immediately I saw all these beautiful women with perfect bodies and pretty faces all over the site. I thought, YEAH RIGHT! YOU COULD NEVER, SANDY!”

You see, I started a weight loss journey in January of 2022. Although that journey was going great, and I was shedding pounds like crazy, I had not prepared for all the loose skin and imperfections that come with the progress. I felt great, probably the best I have felt in my entire life, but I hated what I saw in the mirror. For days, I continued to curiously browse the Three Boudoir website, but never had the courage to commit. The ad continued to come across my screen, tempting me.

One day I just said SCREW IT and bought a photo package. I saw somewhere on the website that you get your money back if you don't like any of your images – side note: very clever Three Boudoir – so what's there to lose? I mentioned the photo shoot to my partner and I don't think he believed I would go through with it. I don't even let him take unposed photos of me, EVER. In the end, he forgot all about the shoot. We didn't talk about it again. Months passed. I got a few outfits and hair and make up ready. I was extremely nervous. I kept everything pretty simple because I was convinced I was getting my money back anyway, so why spend money preparing unnecessarily? For this reason, absolutely no one else knew about this.

The days leading up to the shoot are probably the most important. You get all the information to prepare and help ease your nerves via email. The day before the shoot I got a text from my photographer + shoot stylist introducing themselves and sharing their excitement to meet me. They answered the quick questions I had regarding the shoot, space, props, etc. The actual day of the shoot EVERYTHING that could go wrong, went wrong. I lost my hair/make up appt, forgot my shoes, jewelry, and caught bad traffic on the way. I almost gave up and paid whatever fees for being a no show. I was really not in the mood.

When I showed up, I was greeted by the most vibrant smile and lovely compliments from my photographer + shoot stylist. They were so excited to see me that I forgot the chaotic morning and near breakdown I had just a few hours earlier. The energy that is in the studio, in general, is inexplicable. It's almost like you're at a friend's picking outfits for a party. I loved that we displayed all my outfits and talked about each piece as a set and individually, what I liked and didn't like about them, and how I felt with them on. I did not expect that, at all. We also talked about what my favorite parts about myself were, and what wasn’t. They really want to capture what YOU want out of the shoot.

1 Reason for a Boudoir Shoot, Why do a Boudoir Shoot, Client ExperienceLet me tell you the compliments and upbeat mood stays present throughout the shoot!! They really set the mood for you by playing your favorite music/artists to make sure you are as relaxed as can be. They are very respectful and at all times you feel safe. They ask before they do any adjustments even if it’s your hair! Also they do all the posing for you, just make sure to get inspiration or ideas of what you would be okay with trying. I really liked how they demonstrate the pose before you do it yourself. It makes things feel more natural and less stressful. They really made me feel like I was in a safe, judgment free space and the sky was the limit. Girl! So much so that by the end of the shoot, I was butt naked doing a white sheet shoot, goodies naturally flopping everywhere, and my new team of “Besties” did not care. They actually reassured me, and kept going with the posing, as if I was fully clothed. Almost like it was so natural to have your body spread out with just a white cloth covering the most private of your body parts.

I had never felt THAT sexy in my life or been that comfortable displaying myself. I still can’t believe THAT’S ME in the pictures WITH MY BODY and it LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!! I almost told the Photographer/editor that she had the wrong images open when I first saw them LOL! I was starstruck in love with myself, again.

Leaving the shoot I felt the absolute sexiest B on the planet. I could feel the glow radiate from my skin out to the world. I could not stop smiling. That evening I had a birthday party and while there I received a ton of praise, including a “you’re so sexy today” from a female family member. I had honestly not done anything new, so I was a little taken aback by that comment and I just shrugged it off.

Once we were home, my partner asked what changed today? I just said “I don’t know”, and if you recall we hadn’t talked about the shoot so he still had no clue what I had done hours earlier! I did not plan to tell him because I thought I would surprise him for his birthday but he caught me sneaking a peak, in the middle of the night, at the 2 images that were included in my package and delivered to me that night. He looked like a deer caught in headlights. When I tell you he looked at the images all weekend long before deciding he needed to buy most, if not all, of the gallery. That definitely gave me the additional boost to tell all my friends about it!

I want every woman in the world to feel the way I felt that day and the days after. I find myself being more adventurous with my clothes and the way I carry myself, now. All I’m saying to you ladies is, we are our biggest critics and half the things we hate are the things, the people who love us, LOVE about us. So stop doubting yourself because you literally have nothing to lose, and who knows, maybe a whole lot to gain, like me.

NOW GO, do it! Let the Goddess inside OUT, you won’t regret it. This beautiful plus size, hanging belly, covered in stretch marks and imperfections Queen wouldn’t lie to you, and the pictures definitely don’t lie either, but YOU be the judge.



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