What do others have to say about shooting with Three Boudoir?


…You ladies know what you’re doing.

I wouldn’t say I was nervous but I wasn’t feeling very confident. I also wasn’t expecting to have so many shots that I actually liked. You ladies know what you’re doing. The camaraderie between you and way you were so encouraging toward me made this a pleasurable and empowering experience. I’ve even bought more Groupons so my mom and sister can have the Three Boudoir experience. They’re both kinda uneasy and anxious about their shoots but I’ve assured them that I wouldn’t even suggested it if you all hadn’t made this such a wonderful experience for me, and I’m absolutely positive you’ll do the same for them. So, thank you again…for everything. I look forward to seeing you in the future. ūüôā

…I felt like a professional model.

I felt like I was going to a professional modeling shoot, yet there was nothing pretentious about it. They felt like friends that just happened to be amazing photographers, warm and welcoming from the moment I stepped in the door. It was an hour for me, feeling nothing but feminine and beautiful. I loved every minute of it!

…I had so much fun.

I had so much fun during this experience. I left the shoot feeling so confident and great about myself. I have certain parts of my body that I am insecure with, but you girls totally made those insecurities disappear.

…I would do it again.

Right off the bat, I was made to feel as comfortable as possible. I was so nervous and they both calmed my nerves with their friendly manner and humor. I so appreciated that. They were both so encouraging and made me feel beautiful and confident throughout the entire session. I went into this thinking it would be a once in a lifetime experience, but I would do it again in a heart beat.

…Call Three Boudoir

I felt the whole experience was amazing. Three Boudoir was professional and positive. They made the experience fun and empowering. I would recommend to any woman who has though about doing a boudoir photo shoot to call Three Boudoir.

…I felt very comfortable.

I left feeling like I had new best friends who I wanted to go drink margaritas with! I felt very comfortable and even though I hadn’t planned to go full nudie, I had no problem dropping everything!

…The setting was great.

The entire experience was AWESOME!!!! You guys were so encouraging and easy to be around! The setting was great!! I don’t know if I have a favorite part! I loved it all!!! Leaving was the worst part!! It really was phenomenal!!!

…Made me feel so comfortable.

Initially, I was sooo nervous, but you guys made me feel so comfortable and sexy!

…Allowed me to really feel at ease.

I loved how friendly they¬†were. Their excitement and enthusiasm were incredibly encouraging and allowed me to really feel at ease. I wasn’t nervous, they obviously knew exactly what they were doing, and they produced some really awesome photographs. These women are truly at the top of their craft! Their ability to make you feel confident and sexy, while minimally dressed, is a true gift.

…Confidence Booster!

The confidence booster!! And how comfortable they¬†made me feel, being in such little attire. As soon as I walked in the door, I felt like I had known them forever! They’re the kind of women you’d like to go have a drink with.

…Incredibly Supportive.

Amber and Joanna were incredibly supportive and encouraging. I had my outfits picked out but I was unsure of being able to find that sexy, sultry look. I seriously doubted I could pull off anything close to “bedroom eyes” without it looking forced or awkward. Fortunately, Joanna’s tips were right on point and I got the look!

…My fianc√©’s face!

The favorite part of the experience was the look on my fianc√©’s face when he saw the photos.

…Easy to relax.

The whole experience was great. Joanna and Amber made it very easy to relax and to have a good time. I felt very comfortable and at ease.

…Always encouraging.

The ladies that are with you make you feel at ease and are always encouraging. It made it easier to relax.

…Comfortable and Confident.

My favorite part of the shoot was how comfortable and confident they made me feel.

…I immediately felt comfortable.

I got such a warm greeting. I immediately felt comfortable and confident.

…The whole experience was fun!

…I’m 50 and a mother of 4 and a grandmother!

Everyone was very warm, welcoming and professional. ¬†They put me totally at ease and made me feel like a rock star! ¬†The pictures came out beautifully and I just got the final product. He is going to be blown away!! ¬†Thank you ladies for all that you did, I would recommend this to anyone that wants to truly feel beautiful and sexy. ¬†That’s saying a lot—I’m 50 and a mother of 4 and a grandmother!


The shoot made me feel beautiful & confident.

…I’m feeling sexy!

…So relaxed and sexy!

They love what they do and it definitely shows through in the way they make you feel so relaxed and sexy and how the photos turn out.

…I stepped out of my comfort zone.

I am a person who hates having my picture taken. I hate the way I look in pictures. I stepped out of my comfort zone for a Christmas gift for my husband. ¬†I was made to feel very pretty and at ease. ¬†I was amazed at how beautiful, yes I said beautiful, I looked in my pictures. I cannot express how highly I recommend Three Boudoir!!! I’m from Ohio and I will be back!!

…Just sheer awesomeness.

The entire experience was awesome. I don’t think that I could have been made to feel more comfortable and beautiful! Just sheer awesomeness!! =D

…Every woman should do it at least once.

Three Boudoir was such a great experience, every woman should do it at least once.
The staff was so professional and made me feel so comfortable. I will recommend Three Boudoir to all my friends.  Thanks again for the amazing experience.

…Being directed was awesome.

Being directed was fabulous. I loved knowing where to put my hands and just how much to arch my back ūüėČ

…The pictures came out amazing.

I had a great experience.  The ladies were so fantastic, motivating and made me feel so comfortable.  The pictures came out amazing.  I would definitely recommend every lady do this for themselves or significant other at least once.


Feeling beautiful, feeling confident! Not to mention a nonjudgemental environment feel of estrogen!

…Great fun!

It was great fun! You gals really made me feel comfortable and able to do the shoot. It was awesome! You had great ideas for positioning and such.

…Super comfortable.

The entire experience was awesome, you all made me feel super comfortable and sexy! Love you all!

…Made me feel sexy again.

I felt so comfortable once I met the team, and the shoot made me feel sexy again!

…she was glowing!

My wife did a shoot about two weeks ago and she was nervous going in to it so I went with her to drop her off. After her shoot was done and I picked her up she was glowing! She was excited about her shoot and started talking about how amazing everyone was and how comfortable they made her feel. It was almost like she came back a new and more confident woman. I am very happy with this confidence boost this gave her and I am very very happy with how her photos turned out!

…Their personalities make you feel comfortable and welcomed

I loved every part of my experience with Three Boudoir!!! I have already done two photo shoots with these ladies and each time they were personable and fun to work with. Their personalities make you feel comfortable and welcomed. I would recommend any woman who wants to feel good about herself and sexy to do a photo shoot with Three Boudoir. You can also turn it into a party and do a group photo like I did!!! I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I have!!

…The best part?

How amazing I felt. You both stripped away any fear or nervousness I had immediately with how positive you were. The feedback while shooting was so awesome. You both create such an all around amazing experience from the moment you walk in the door. Thank you!