Celebrate YOU with a special $99 photo shoot!

You're a hot little peach, right now, just as you are. Go ahead, get down with your bad self (We'll help!!)

Retail Value: $430 – YOURS FOR $99!

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Roses are red and violets are blue. It’s totally cool if you love your hot bod as much as your boo.

Celebrate your eyes, thighs & life highs with our most popular photoshoot package. It includes an hour photoshoot, digital images and the magnetic buzz that comes with knowing exactly how supremely sexy you are.


  • A full hour session at any of our studios, focused completely on you.
  • Time for 3 different outfit swaps for the most variety in images. 
  • VIP-level access to our Down & Dirty Guide to prepare for your shoot.
  • 8 months to book your shoot
  • Direction & pointers. (All of our shoot directors are trained by a Playboy model.)
  • 2 fully edited, jaw-dropping digital images that you’ll remember for years.
  • An online gallery of 50+ images you can pick from & purchase after your shoot.
  • The magnetic buzz that comes with knowing exactly how supremely sexy you are.

When it comes to taking stunning shots in your unmentionables, no one does it better than the all-lady team here at Three Boudoir. No creepy dudes with disposable camera’s over here. We are an all female team ready to help you conquer your nerves, fall in love with yourself :: and your body :: and walk away with incredible confidence and smokin’ hot photos.

We know that having your photos taken in such an intimate way can feel as scary as going to the motherbleeping dentist.

Once you step into our gorgeous studio, with the most flattering lighting and strike a pose with our shoot director’s guidance (she’s a former playboy model that thinks empowering women is the coolest job on the planet), you’ll remember what a super sexy woman you are. Your photographer and shoot director are totally rooting for you to have the best time, they will quickly become your very best friends and provide you all the support & guidance you need.

Peek at Some of our Three Boudoir Babes (A.k.a. You)

Is there a voice inside your head that says YOU can't do this? It's time to stick a sock in it. You are perfect. Right now. Just as you are. We are an all female team that quickly becomes your biggest cheerleaders and best buds.

The time for you to experience this body-positive party is right now.

Book your $99 package. It's regular price $430 — yours now for $99.

We can't wait to shake our pom-poms for you!

(Actual pom-poms, that isn't a boob reference!)

“I divorced in May 2016 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2017. After all of that, a double mastectomy, and a successful reconstruction, I decided that 2018 would be about celebrating me. Three Boudoir was a perfect way to do that. My shoot team were fantastic cheerleaders from the moment I walked in the door. They greeted me with a smile and kept cheering me on through every pose and shot. I felt comfortable with them right away. They directed me and staged me. Everything was tastefully done. I walked out of there feeling like a goddess. And the photos were amazing. Talk about a confidence boost! Anytime I have a dark moment, I'll now have my photos to remind me of my power. I highly recommend this for all women, regardless of age, size, body shape, relationship status, etc. Don't wait until you think you're “in better shape.” You're beautiful now, and these ladies definitely bring that out!


A Recent Three Boudoir Beauty

I felt so prepared for my shoot. The emails I received from Three Boudoir and the Down & Dirty Guide made me feel confident as my shoot date approached.

Marjorie W.

My time with Three Boudoir was incredible. From start to finish I felt cared for and informed. My Shoot was more fun than my nerves would let me imagine!

Miss L.

Whoa! Talk about an empowering day! I felt like a zillion bucks during my shoot. My friends have definitely noticed I have more confidence. I can't believe I did a boudoir shoot and am so glad Three Boudoir made it so easy.

Sandra R.

These ladies are amazing at what they do. From the moment they greet you, there is no doubt about being in good hands. This was the best experience and we should all embrace our nerves, awkwardness, and ultimately our beauty.


Mrs. D.

Every single woman I worked with at every step was amazing. They quickly respond to any questions and the make you feel so comfortable during the shoot. I just got my album and I can't wait to give it to my husband.


Danielle C.

They know all sorts of poses and really think about which poses will showcase your assets - and they will pose you down to your fingertips and toes. I was blown away by the shots they showed me after my session. I can't wait to see the final product!

Laine G.

First, I'm just going to say that when I left my shoot I immediately texted all my friends that they need to do it. Right when I walked into the room Meagan and Ari immediately cracked me up and made me feel like I was one of their girls already.


Shawn D.

Just like they say on their site, do not be afraid!! Even if you are hesitating, book it and get your booty to the appointment!! You will NOT regret it.

Allie F.

Don't make the same mistakes I did! Don't go anywhere else. BOOK WITH THREE BOUDOIR.

Julie T.

Do a boudoir shoot for yourself. You don't need a special occasion or a special someone, the only person you need is yourself. It is such an empowering, amazing feeling and honestly, I almost don't want to show my fiancé these photos because I want to keep the magic all to myself!

Monica C.

Even after my shoot I felt so taken care of and everyone responded to my emails so quickly and professionally. If you have ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot then book with three boudoir! I originally booked for a groom's gift for my soon to be hubby but realized very quickly that I was happy to do it for myself.


Lisa D.


What's Included?
  • A full hour session at any of our studios, focused completely on you.
  • Time for 3 different outfit swaps so you feel good in what you’re wearing.
  • VIP-level access to our Down & Dirty Guide to prepare for your shoot.
  • Direction & pointers. (All of our shoot directors are trained by a Playboy model.)
  • 2 fully edited, jaw-dropping digital images that you’ll remember for years.
  • An online gallery of 50+ images you can pick from & purchase after your shoot.
  • The magnetic buzz that comes with knowing exactly how supremely sexy you are.
Do you offer Hair & Makeup?

We recommend that you have your makeup professionally done prior to your shoot. It will give you an extra confidence boost and help ensure our studio lights, or natural light, do not wash you out. It is the best thing you can do to have a rockin’ hot shoot.

While we don’t provide this onsite in our studios we do have a list of preferred artist that we partner with in each city. They can get you totally boudoiry (<—real word) for your shoot with us. Want more info? Fill out the contact form below!

This package comes with 2 images, but I want more.

We deliver an online gallery of your images the day of your shoot. Your gallery is going to be chock full of incredible images from our hour together. 2 edited images come with this package but you will likely want more! Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will send you an email with our pricing to order more from your online viewing gallery.

Product Delivery Times?

The 2 images that come with this package are delivered the same day as your shoot. If you decide you would like to order more delivery times vary from 2-9 weeks depending on what products are ordered. Have a tight deadline? We offer rush processing which cuts delivery time in half.

Where are you located?

We shoot in Annapolis, Chicago, DC, NYC, San Diego and PHL.

How do I Book?

Purchase this deal using the book now button below and we will sling shot our booking calendars right into your inbox. You have 8 months to book before your purchase is void. We allow one reschedule with 7 days notice and refunds within 14 days. Read more here: fine print.

Something we didn't cover?

Slip a love note into our locker with the form below and we’ll get back to you via email.

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