Healing Through Boudoir Photography

by | Empowerment, Self-Love

Written by Ari, a Three Boudoir Shoot Stylist.

Healing can take many forms. Real, constructive healing gives us a chance to feel the most destructive parts of ourselves and transmute those feelings into something positive and amazing. It allows us to turn fear into bravery. Hopelessness into empowerment. 

Yesterday I had the privilege of leading a shoot with a client who, when asked what made her choose to do a boudoir shoot, explained to us that she was a survivor of sexual assault. It seemed that through reclaiming her sexual agency that she was taking another step in her healing process. 

That same day, the hashtag #metoo took over social media. Women from all walks of life shared their experiences of sexual harassment and/or assault. Scrolling through the #metoo’s empowered me to add my own. Seeing the sheer number of survivors in plain view brought to light what so many women already knew. That most of us have, in some way, had our sense of bodily autonomy threatened. Speaking out about it, supporting each other, reclaiming our bodies as our own– is the best way we can heal together.

When I shoot for Three Boudoir, I hear so many different reasons why women come through the door. It shows me that we’re all helping each other to reclaim our bodies for our own, whether it’s from the problematic societal standards placed on us as women, pressure we put on ourselves as women, or even a traumatic event.

It makes me grateful that I work with an amazing team of women and that I work for amazing clients who use support, love, and positivity to raise each other up.

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