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You are already braver than most for considering a boudoir shoot. We pinky swear.

Having your photos taken in such an intimate way deserves a huge pat on the back. On a scale of 1 to “Oh no, I can’t do boudoir!”, you might be shaking your head “no way.” That’s normal. We expect & plan for it.  We won’t tell you not to be nervous, you’re in your undies after all, but we will show you we’ve got your back, are your biggest cheerleaders, and are gonna help you work through those nerves. You won’t find body shaming or judgement here, instead make lifelong friendships with a group of supportive women ready to lift you up.

Your bravery muscles are flexing. Step out of the shadows. Be seen. Let’s date.

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Get Attention + Hot Images. What to expect, before, during and after your shoot.

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Women that have swiped right on themselves and the Three Boudoir experience.

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I had so much fun during this experience.

I had so much fun during this experience. I left the shoot feeling so confident and great about myself. I have certain parts of my body that I am insecure with, but you girls totally made those insecurities disappear.

Getting excited? Us too!

This ain’t your Momma’s glamour shots. You’re special and your photos should be too. Slip a note in our locker with the form below. We will write you back, cross our hearts.


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